Welcome to CDRCWell+, an innovative initiative introduced as an integral part of the prestigious IBA-VIAC CDRC Vienna Mediation & Negotiation Competition. As the world’s first comprehensive and integrated program to promote wellbeing, diversity, and inclusion in mediation practice and moot competitions, CDRCWell+ stands at the forefront of advancing holistic practices within the field of mediation and negotiation.

Mediation and Wellbeing

The CDRC Vienna recognizes the paramount importance of maintaining wellbeing in the demanding realm of mediation and negotiation practice. Our initiative is founded on the belief that your effectiveness as a mediator and negotiator is directly linked to your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. By prioritizing the health and wellness of all participants, we aim to foster an environment conducive to excellence in your practice.

The nature of mediation and negotiation places significant demands on practitioners. This can lead to stress, burnout, and compromised performance. By integrating wellbeing practices into the CDRC Vienna, we seek to equip all participants with the tools and support needed to navigate these challenges effectively. By nurturing their wellbeing, participants can enhance their resilience, focus, and overall performance, ultimately contributing to the advancement of the mediation profession.

We want to cultivate a culture of self-care and mindfulness within the mediation community. Through workshops, classes, some resources, and tailored support, we empower participants to prioritize their health and wellness, both during the competition and beyond. By emphasizing the interconnectedness of wellbeing and professional success, we strive to instill lifelong habits that promote sustained excellence in later practice.

Mediation and Diversity & Inclusion

Mediation is inherently about understanding and resolving conflicts between diverse parties. Therefore, embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive environment are not just moral imperatives but essential strategies for an effective mediation and negotiation practice. The CDRC Vienna recognizes that diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences enriches the mediation process. By amplifying diverse perspectives and experiences, we enrich consensual dispute resolution, resulting in more innovative and sustainable solutions for parties and promoting a more just and equitable society.

The CDRC Vienna promotes the awareness and appreciation of diversity. We cultivate a culture of respect, empathy, and collaboration among all participants, dismantling barriers and fostering a more inclusive environment within the mediation community. Through education, advocacy, and proactive measures, we strive to create opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate fully and meaningfully in the CDRC Vienna. Through training sessions, dialogue facilitation, and inclusive practices, we aspire to equip all Team Members, Assessors, and Volunteers with the skills and mindset necessary to navigate complex intercultural dynamics with confidence and competence in their practice.

Transform Dispute Resolution with CDRCWell+

CDRCWell+ is a ground-breaking venture that integrates wellbeing, diversity, and inclusion into the fabric of the CDRC Vienna. By prioritizing health, accessibility, and inclusiveness, we elevate the standards of mediation practice and moot competitions and inspire positive change on a global scale. We invite you to be part of this venture and embark with us on a transformative journey where your wellbeing is prioritized, diversity is celebrated, and inclusion is embraced.

Together, let’s strive to be not just competitors, assessors, or volunteers. Let us all be ambassadors of positive change in the world of dispute resolution. Let us all transcend boundaries and foster harmony through understanding.

In 2024, CDRCWell+ is generously supported by Baker McKenzie Vienna.