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Meet the People Driving the Moot’s Success

Behind the scenes of our exceptional moot lies a passionate team dedicated to transforming the future of consensual dispute resolution.  Our mission extends beyond the moot itself. We’re dedicated to nurturing the next generation of dispute resolution leaders through immersive training and education. Join us in this journey of empowerment, where collaboration, understanding, and skillful negotiation pave the way to a harmonious world.

Discover the Faces Behind the Future of Dispute Resolution.


Leading the charge, our visionary directors breathe life into our commitment to innovative dispute resolution. Their expertise shapes every facet of the moot, fostering an environment that thrives on collaboration and learning.

Organising Committee

The heartbeat of our event, the organizing committee works tirelessly to orchestrate a seamless experience. Their dedication ensures that each participant, delegate, and guest gains valuable insights into the world of mediation and negotiation.

International Advisory Board

Drawing from the expertise of global leaders in law, academia, business, and government, our advisory board guides us toward international excellence. Their wisdom shapes the direction of the moot and underscores its educational significance.

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