Welcome, dear dispute resolution enthusiasts! We’re delighted to share some news that we believe will pique your interest: the new website of the IBA-VIAC Mediation & Negotiation Competition has officially gone live, and we’re here to give you a glimpse of what’s in store.

 A Hub of Information and Engagement: Our digital space is designed to serve as your central resource for everything related to the CDRC. From comprehensive event details to insights that illuminate the core of our competition, you’ll find it all neatly organized for easy access.

Discover the „Moot“: our „Moot“ page is the gateway for future mediators, negotiators, assessors, and volunteers to get their essential information about participation and application. Whether you’re considering joining as a participant or curious about how to apply, this section will provide the answers you’re seeking.

Exploring Sponsorship Opportunities: For those interested in aligning their brand with the IBA-VIAC Mediation & Negotiation Competition’s purpose and impact, our „Support“ page offers a closer look at the benefits and opportunities available. We invite you to become an integral part of this journey and to contribute to the growth of — and find for your practice — the next generation of dispute resolution enthusiasts.

We welcome your input: Collaboration is in our DNA. So, while we have designed this website with the aim of enhancing your experience, we value your feedback immensely. It will help us greatly, to further the experience for you. As you navigate through the pages, take a moment to explore the features and share your thoughts. Your insights will help us refine and improve your digital experience.

So, whether you’re deeply involved in the world of negotiation and mediation or simply intrigued by the buzz, we invite you to visit our new website. It’s a platform designed to provide valuable insights and details, and we’re excited to have you explore it at your own pace. Welcome to the digital home of the IBA-VIAC Mediation & Negotiation Competition