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We are always keen to hear from experienced pros like you who’ve got mediation and negotiation in their DNA, and who are ready to join the ranks (again) as „Expert Assessors“ for the IBA-VIAC CDRC. And guess what? This year is no exception!

Every year, we curate an international team of Expert Assessors. We are looking for in-house wizards, negotiation ninjas, legal eagles, mediation magicians, academic all-stars, and government game-changers!

So, if you’re ready to join a crew of top-tier talent hailing from every corner of the globe, willing to share your mediation and negotiation know-how, and having a lot fun while doing it, then this is the stage. Bring your A-game to the IBA-VIAC CDRC. Let’s make the moot a first-rate experience for the competing Mediator and Negotiator Teams!

Application in a nutshell

The CDRC Vienna 2024 will take place from 5 – 10 July 2024.

Here is a quick guide to the application process for assessors:


Expert Assessors work closely with the Mediator and Negotiator Teams representing top universities from across the world. The Teams have been carefully selected based on the team members‘ qualifications as well as their skills in oral advocacy, presentation, persuasion, and creativity.

Expert Assessors help us score the performances of the competing Teams. They also provide each student with valuable, individualised feedback after each session, helping the students to learn, improve, and grow during the CDRC Vienna.

Expert Assessors help us shape the Experts of the future!

And of course, there is the opportunity to network with fellow Expert Assessors as well as the students and their coaches.


Expert Assessors are crucial to the exceptional value of the CDRC Vienna. Therefore, we take a lot of care in selecting only the most outstanding professionals as Experts Assessors. The selection is based on their (in no particular order):

  • competence;
  • experience;
  • mediation qualification and accreditation;
  • training experience;
  • experience in giving feedback and assessing students;
  • availability throughout the CDRC Vienna; and
  • feedback after past CDRC Vienna.

The selection occurs at the full discretion of the organisers.


Expert Assessors must be available for

  • the mandatory introduction session for Expert Assessorsand
  • all preliminary rounds.

We will always endeavor to give you the maximum opportunity to assess students, taking into consideration for example potential conflicts of interest.


Each application consists of 2 steps. Each assessor must:

    1. fill in the Expert Assessor Application Form; and
    2. submit the form to the CDRC Vienna. 

    Please apply early as we cannot accept late applications.

Application Period

Online applications for the 2024 IBA-VIAC CDRC Competition are open from 15 November 2023 to 16 February 2024 (11:59 pm CET the latest). This is a sharp deadline; late entries may not be considered.

Selected Expert Assessors will be invited to participate in March 2024.  Bookmark our CDRC 2024 Timeline to stay on top of dates.


The CDRC Vienna does not charge application fees.

If accepted to participate as an assessor you will be invited to register. We do not charge assessors a Registration Fee.

We do not compensate Expert Assessors for expenses they incur to participate in the IBA-VIAC CDRC.

In principle, assessor are invited to all networking functions, as well as workshops, classes or lectures. In some instances, however, we may be required to pass on some costs. 

Competition Rules

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the Competition Rules as part of preparing your application. They set out more information and should answer all questions you may have. Please make sure that you use the current set of Competition Rules for your preparations.  


We do not ask for a fee on application and you can withdraw your application anytime before the selection. If you are selected to participate and confirm your participation, it is important that we can count on you.

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