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This is the page for our future behind-the-scenes heroes – who indeed are very prominent during the moot!!

Are you ready to light up the moot stage and be a central part of the action? Do you think you’ve got the energy, enthusiasm, and passion to make our event shine?

Whether you’re a pro at organizing, a tech-savvy guru, or a general ray of sunshine, tell us about your superpowers. Share your previous experiences that prove you’re the one who makes things happen.

Fill out our easy application form and let us know why you’re the ultimate team player and got that spark we’re looking for. The application portal is open — your chance to join the team that’s going to make the IBA-VIAC CDRC a legendary success!

Application in a nutshell

The CDRC Vienna 2024 will take place from 5 – 10 July 2024.

Here is a quick guide to the application process for you:


Being a volunteer is a unique, enriching, and exhilarating experience. You will:

  • be part of the world’s leading Mediation and Negotiation Competition;
  • work and interact closely with some of the world’s leading ADR practitioners;
  • work in a small team of highly motivated volunteers from all over the world;
  • learn to plan, organise, and execute in a high-impact, professional and agile environment;
  • form professional relationships and even friendships with people from all over the world, some lasting a lifetime;
  • learn from leading Mediators and Negotiators from all over the world in workshops and by observing mediation sessions;
  • have access to all social events; and
  • experience the global CDRC Vienna from the inside and become part of the #CDRCFamily.

Volunteers have come back to the CDRC Vienna year after year. They formed lifetime personal friendships. They made crucial professional connections. They learned from each other. They partied together.

The CDRC Vienna’s success is based on a professional, hard-working team that works together towards a common goal. Each volunteer will represent a big part of this team.


The CDRC Vienna is so special because the people behind it are a tightly-knit family of highly experienced, hard-working professionals. To be selected as a volunteer, applicants must fit into this family so that the immensely vibrant and exciting competition week can run well and without hiccups.

Here is some information about the family, designed to help potential applicants to determine if they are a good fit.

    • We are a small team, around 15 people, who run the entire event of 250+ people.
    • Every person, during every minute of the CDRC Vienna, counts. There are only key people.
    • Being a volunteer is a task of high responsibility for people with proven talent in organizing things and who have a hands-on attitude.
    • We have early mornings, preparing the competition days from 7 am CET onwards. We also have late nights to finish up the day and prepare for the next.
    • You can NEVER be late! We rely heavily on everyone being on time. One late volunteer can let the whole team down. That applies also to remotely working volunteers – you have to become Viennese!
    • Volunteers are responsible for many tasks, ranging from explaining zoom, preparing excel tabulations, managing the Welcome Desk, and more. Your responsibilities are your priorities and take precedence over any other aspects of the event.
    • Volunteers must commit to supporting the CDRC Vienna for its entire duration.
    • Volunteers are not compensated.
Selection Criteria

We will select volunteers based on the criteria set out below (in no particular order).

  • communication, presentation, and other skills manifested in the volunteer’s application.
  • background in consensual dispute resolution, including training, coursework, and practical experience.
  • possible experience competing previously in moot competitions, including in particular in mediation or negotiation competitions.
  • experience volunteering in moot competitions.
  • representation of geographic and cultural diversity.
Application Requirements

Each application consists of 2 steps. Each Volunteer must:

  1. fill in either the Volunteer Application Form.
  2. lodge the Volunteer Application Form.
Application Period

Online applications for the 2024 IBA-VIAC CDRC Competition are open from 15 November 2023 (11:59 pm (CET). We collect applications on a rolling basis and consider your application as we receive it.

Selected Volunteers will be invited to participate on an ongoing basis.  Bookmark our CDRC 2024 Timeline to stay on top of dates.

Fees | Remuneration

IBA-VIAC CDRC does not charge application fees.

There is no registration fee for volunteers.

Volunteers do not receive a remuneration.

Competition Rules

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the CDRC Vienna Competition Rules as part of preparing your application. A good grasp of the Competition Rules will be important for many aspects of your role as volunteer.  


We do not ask for a fee on application and you can withdraw your application anytime before your selection. If you are selected as volunteer and confirm your participation, it is important that we can count on you.

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