IBA VIAC CDRC Mediation Masterclass

The IBA VIAC CDRC Mediation Masterclass

As the selection process for CDRC is incredibly competitive and all applicants invested a lot of effort and time in the applications we want to appreciate your application and all the effort which you invested we are happy to invite you to the IBA VIAC CDRC Mediation Masterclass which is a remarkable offer which is possible due to the enormous support by Natascha Tunkel and Katja Kröll.

Previous participants have said:

“It was amazing!”

“For me, it was an absolutely eye-opening introduction to the world of mediation.”

“I loved the interactive sessions because learning by doing is way better!”

The Mediation Masterclass welcomes those new to ADR as well as offers insights to more advanced mediation aficionados. 


Students – both individuals and teams – from around the world are welcome.
The only restriction is that the course is not available to students or coaches of teams who have been accepted to participate in the CDRC Competition of the year

About the Workshop

The IBA VIAC CDRC Mediation Masterclass is an opportunity for students and young professionals to enhance their skills in mediation and negotiation in an international environment. In line with the objective of the IBA VIAC CDRC Moot, the Mediation Masterclass aims to provide a practice platform for students & young practitioners and allow them to interact with others. This will be combined with lectures that give insights on mediation and negotiation. In the practice sessions, the participants will receive expert feedback on their negotiation and mediation skills.


Each day will consist of a six-hour session alternating between interactive teaching sessions and practice / role-play sessions (and breaks). 

Day 1 (1st of July 2022) focused on Day 2 (2nd of July 2022) focused on
an introduction to the essentials of mediation in theory and practice sessions providing insight from practitioners on tools and interventions
a hands-on session on “how to analyze a case” to prepare for a mediation a broad and varied range of practice sessions, including expert feedback


As in previous years, only teams and individuals that have not been accepted or are otherwise (e.g. as coach) involved in the coming up CDRC competition are eligible to participate in the IBA VIAC CDRC Mediation Masterclass.

Organisers and Lecturers

Natascha Tunkel, Chair of the CDRC Case working group 2022
Natascha applies over ten years of experience in the field of alternative dispute resolution in her practice. She is admitted to the Austrian Bar and also qualified as a mediator. Natascha is specialized in international commercial mediation, arbitration, and litigation, and has handled numerous international commercial disputes. Her expertise is internationally recognized, most recently in WWL Commercial Mediation 2022. Natascha is an Officer of the IBA Mediation Committee and a member of the VIAC Mediation Advisory Board.

Katja Kröll, Member of the CDRC Case working group 2022

Katja is a certified public accountant and qualified commercial mediator. She combines in-depth expert knowledge of economic contexts and analysis with dispute resolution through mediation. After more than twenty years of advising large companies in one of the “big four” accounting firms (KPMG), Katja founded her own business. In her practice, she primarily works with small and medium enterprises, with a special focus on business mediation for family-owned companies. She has broad experience, especially in the retail and wholesale sectors.


We would like to thank Natascha Tunkel and Katja Kröll for their kind support of the IBA VIAC CDRC competition. We appreciate the efforts to provide this incredible and remarkable opportunity to our applicants and look forward to having Natascha and Katja with us as expert assessors for this year’s competition.