7. Scoring and Awards

Rule 7.1 – Scoring Criteria

Mediators and Counsel/Client teams are scored separately. Both are scored in five categories, receiving 0-20 points in each.  The categories for Mediators are:  (1) Qualities of a good Mediator; (2) Caucus; (3) Effective Communication Skills; (4) Effective Problem Solving Support; and (5) Mediation Session Process. The categories for Counsel/Client teams are: (1) Effective Mediation Advocacy; (2) Focus on Interests; (3) Information and Communication; (4) Collaboration to create Options; and (5) Negotiation Skills.  

In the Preliminary Rounds, the Counsel/Client teams with the highest score and the Mediators with the highest scores will advance. In the Second Round and semi finals the Assessors will nominate a winning Counsel/Client team in each Session and the Mediators with the highest scores will advance.

Rule 7.2 – Expert Assessors

Professional mediators, mediation trainers and negotiation trainers will be selected by the Organising Committee to attend the Sessions and to score the performance of the two Counsel/Client teams and the Mediator according to the Scoring Criteria. Expert Assessors have to be independent, neutral and impartial from the Teams they are assessing.

Rule 7.3 – Scoring and Awards

Each of the Expert Assessors for each Session will score the performance of each Counsel/Client team and of the Mediator independently. The Assessors shall provide feedback to the Mediator and to the Counsel/Client teams at the end of each Session. The scores of the Scoring Sheet shall not be announced to the competitors. The Scoring Sheets shall be submitted to the Competition Secretariat.

Assessors may make a recommendation for a Special Award as per Rule 7.5. during the Preliminary Rounds. The scoring and recommendations for an Award must not be revealed by the Assessors to any competition participant.

Rule 7.4 – Prizes


  • 1st Prize Negotiation (winning team)
  • 2nd Prize Negotiation (second team of the finals)
  • 3rd Prize Negotiation (losing team with the higher scores of the semi-finals)


  • 1st Prize Mediation (Mediator of the finals)
  • 2nd Prize Mediation (second Mediator of the semi-finals)


  • Best Team (total scores of Negotiators and Mediator of a Team)

All Prizes will be awarded to the whole Team.

Rule 7.5 Preliminary Rounds Special Awards

The following Preliminary Rounds Special Awards will be awarded based on the Expert Assessors recommendations for performance in the Preliminary Rounds:

Negotiators (Client/Counsel Team)

  • Best Negotiation Strategy 
  • Best Advocacy 
  • Best Teamwork in Negotiation


  • Most Culturally Sensitive Mediator
  • Best Creative Option Generation

All Awards will be awarded to the whole Team. Awards can only be awarded to Teams that do not proceed to the Second Round.

published November 25, 2014