4. The Competition Sessions

Rule 4.1  – Language

The language of the Competition is English.

Rule 4.2 – Student Mediators

Each Team shall include one member who will be prepared to act as a Mediator. Mediators will be assigned to Sessions in which his/her Team is not performing by the Competition Secretariat in consultation with the Competition Director.  

Rule 4.3  – Competition Session Format

A Session will consist of representatives from three different Teams: Two Teams are competing with their Counsel/Client team representing the Requesting Party and the Responding Party. One Team will provide its mediator to mediate the Session. Two to three Assessors will score the Counsel/Client teams and the Mediator.

 Rule 4.4  – Duration

Each Session will run for a maximum of 120 minutes

  • for the mediation: 90 minutes   (break and caucuses included)
  • for the scoring: 10 minutes
  • for the feedback: 20 minutes

Rule 4.5 – Break

Each Counsel/Client team may request in each Session only once a 3 minutes break. The two competing members of the Team that has called the break must leave the room for the duration of the break. All other members of the Team, the other Team, the Mediator, the Expert Assessors and all others stay in the room during the break. Failure to adhere to the time limits shall result in a penalty on the scores of the Client/Counsel team in breach.

Rule 4.6 – Caucus

The Mediator must conduct at least one private session (“Caucus”) of maximum 10 minutes with each of the parties during the mediation. The Caucus can be called at any time by either the Counsel/Client team or the Mediator. Multiple caucuses are permissible if deemed beneficial by the participants. For the duration of the Caucus the Counsel/Client team not part of the Caucus must leave the room. All other people must stay in the room. The Mediator is responsible to adhere to the time limit of the Caucus.

Rule 4.7 – Timekeeping

The Expert Assessors are the official timekeepers and nominate one person among them to keep track of the time. The Mediator is responsible to adhere to the time limit during the Caucus. Client and Counsel are responsible to adhere to the time limit during breaks. Delay by a Team or the Mediator will reflect on their, his or her score.

Rule 4.8 –  Outside Materials; Technology 

No electronic material such as slides, graphs or presentations may be brought into the Sessions and presented to the Mediator or the other side. Teams may use the materials supplied by the Competition, their personal notes and other printed or drafted material.

Rule 4.9 – No Assistance during the Session

No Team may be assisted by its coach or other people during the Session or the Break. Teams may discuss with their coaches during the preparation time after having received their confidential information. 

Rule 4.10 – Observing and Photography/Filming

The purpose of the Competition is to develop mediation and negotiation skills. Participants are permitted and encouraged to do this by observing performances of other Teams after the Preliminary Rounds. In the Preliminary Rounds Team members and Coaches are not permitted to watch other Teams. Mediators are allowed to observe Sessions of the Preliminary Rounds only if they have mediated the same confidential instructions in the morning and only with Teams they are not scheduled to mediate with at a later point. After the Preliminary Rounds all participants may observe any other Session that does not interfere with their own schedule.

Expert Assessors may observe any Session of the Competition. Persons other than Participants or Expert Assessors will not be permitted to observe Sessions unless explicitly permitted by the Competition Director. The Final Round will be open to everyone.

Participants agree to the use of photography and videotaping and the discretionary use of all such material by the Organisers of the Competition. Filming of the Sessions by anyone else is prohibited and subject to explicit permission by the Organising Committee or the Competition Director.


published November 25, 2014