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Experiencing the IBA-VIAC CDRC Vienna 2015 and 2017: A Fascinating Déjà-Vu?

published April 30, 2018

There have already been so many reviews of the three CDRC editions, which I absolutely enjoyed reading. Here’s another one but what will this one be about?

This is a window into the experience of a 2015 participant who was wondering if attending CDRC 2017 was a déjà-vu or an all-new experience.

In the first edition of CDRC in 2015, I was a member of the University of Bonn Team. Together we placed second in Negotiation and won the awards for Best Mediator and Best Team. In the 2017 edition, the University of Bonn placed second in Negotiation and won the award for Best Mediator again.

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Welcome to the Young Global Ambassadors of 2017-18!

published September 1, 2017

Anastasia Zhemchugova is a second year Master student in International Law at Wuhan University, P.R. China. Previously she participated at the 10th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition, 23rd Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot and also competed as a mediator in the 1st edition of the CDRC Vienna IBA-VIAC Mediation & Negotiation Competition, she used to be an active member of many organizations, such as Ukrainian Law Students association, AIESEC, the EYP. Currently, Anastasia is working as an intern in Fujian branch of the leading law firm in China.


Greg Hoffman is a third-year law student in the evening program at Rutgers Law School.  He is the sitting vice president of the school’s Student Bar Association as well as the social media chair for the ADR Society.  Greg has competed in several ADR competitions including the Judith S. Kaye Arbitration competition, organized by the New York State Bar Association, and the St. John’s School of Law FINRA Securities Dispute Resolution Triathlon.  He competed as a negotiator in CDRC Vienna, 2017.  In addition to his studies, Greg works as an investigator for the Office of the Public Defender, NJ.

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“No matter what, you will leave a winner” – Mayssa Khatar

published May 22, 2017

I participated in the first edition of CDRC Vienna when I was in my third year of Law School at Saint Joseph University, Lebanon. My colleague Omar Karam and I won the first prize for negotiation. In this article, I will first list some do’s and don’ts that will hopefully help you reach as far as possible in the competition. After that, I will share my journey at CDRC Vienna and how I benefited from this experience. Remember though, do your best to win but believe me when I say that the fact that you will get to be in Vienna and participate in the competition already means that you are a winner. read more »

How to Make the Most of the IBA-VIAC CDRC Vienna – Hana Láníková

published May 22, 2017

I myself had the great privilege of participating in the first edition of CDRC Vienna as a mediator. Because of the tremendous and unforgettable experience I had in Vienna, I decided to continue participating in the competition by coaching a team that will compete in this year´s edition. Since I have experience as both a participant and a coach, I would like to share a few tips that can enhance your experience of the competition.   read more »

Preparing for the Unpredictable: The IBA-VIAC CDRC Vienna – Konrad Hajdus

published May 22, 2017

Being a part of CDRC means stepping into the world of one of the most vibrant, intense and cultivating competitions. In a business-driven society, we all want to make sure that we possess the ability to effectively lead a negotiation or mediation in order to achieve more or less mutual gains. Therefore, the participation in CDRC is at first (at least in most cases) caused by the sheer desire to gain necessary skills and to achieve a resounding success. However, the first thing that you learn in Vienna is that this competition is not only a place of intense training and workshops in the mediation field. What you realise is that you become a part of a fully international community which allows you to establish contacts with people from completely different places and to confront yourself with ideas, perceptions and values through a cross-cultural platform. This amazing experience will give you enough adrenaline and motivation to perform at your best. Nevertheless, in addition to the social and cultural aspects, another main element reigns; the one of competitiveness.

Throughout this article, I am hoping to provide you with a few hints on how to prepare and participate in CDRC so as to get the most out of it.

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Cezary Rogula’s Tips For Participating Students

published May 21, 2017

This article is actually in continuation of an interview the Young Global Ambassadors Programme conducted (see here). Cezary is an Accredited Mediator and an Attorney at Law (Adwokat), Krakow, Poland. Cezary also happened to be part of the 2016 Edition of the IBA-VIAC CDRC Vienna. So, here’s his list of “Please don’t be afraid…” (hints that he frequently gives to participating students)!


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The IBA-VIAC CDRC Vienna: A Win-Win Experience – Pedro Gomes

published May 7, 2017

July is coming. What does it mean? It means that the greatest experience of your life is only a few months away from now. The Consensual Dispute Resolution Competition (CDRC) Vienna, organised by the International Bar Association (IBA) and the Vienna International Arbitral Center (VIAC) will provide you with a new professional perspective. And the city in which the event is hosted will give you a new meaning of life. read more »

“How the IBA-VIAC CDRC Vienna Changed Our Lives”

published April 28, 2017

Article by Georgi Todorov Elenkov (Bulgaria) and Jasmin Rosita Zareie (Austria) 

The Young Global Ambassador Program of IBA-VIAC CDRC Vienna recently surveyed former participants in the competition from Kenya, Austria, Germany, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, the UK, the USA, Brazil, India, Singapore, Turkey and Lebanon about their experience. The lessons learned and the advice they could render to future negotiation and mediation teams are summarised in this article. Two Young Global Ambassadors of the IBA-VIAC CDRC Vienna – Jasmin Rosita Zareie from Austria and Georgi Todorov Elenkov from Bulgaria – share their perspectives over the answers that YGAP received.

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Talking About Mediation with the Young Global Ambassadors – Dr Rosemary Howell

published April 23, 2017

Young Global Ambassadors Programme


Interviewee: Dr Rosemary Howell, Strategic Action Pty Ltd | Professorial Visiting Fellow, University of New South Wales | Member of International Advisory Board of IBA-VIAC CDRC Vienna

 Interviewer: Ivo Bari, Young Global Ambassador (Brazil)

YGAP:  Tell us a little about yourself.

RH:      I am fortunate to have a most interesting life as a ‘pracademic’. I have a professorial role at the university where I teach Dispute Resolution and Negotiation at undergraduate and postgraduate level. I also have a busy practice as a mediator, facilitator, coach and trainer. In my private life, I am an artist and I am fortunate enough to have my own studio where I work on the weekends.

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Talking About Mediation with the Young Global Ambassadors – Cezary Rogula

published April 23, 2017

Young Global Ambassadors Programme


Interviewee: Cezary Rogula, Accredited Mediator and Attorney at law (Adwokat), Krakow, Poland

 Interviewer: Ziga Perovic, Young Global Ambassador (Slovenia)

The 2016 CDRC Vienna once again proved that bringing students and professionals from all over the world together provides an advantage for everyone involved. In this regard, Young Global Ambassador Programme (“YGAP”) is trying to bring international mediation experts even closer to past and future participants at CDRC.

In this edition, Cezary Rogula, accredited mediator and attorney at law (adwokat), practicing law and doing mediation at his office in Krakow, Poland shares with us some of his views and experiences. Cezary held many roles at various competitions, from assistant to the coach and observer to volunteer, mediation session supervisor and professional. As a PhD candidate and practicing lawyer, he gives a unique view of the competition and encourages everyone to take part.

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