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Update for the COVID-19 Virus: The 6th edition of IBA-VIAC CDRC Vienna 2020 has been canceled.

This is the page to inform you about how to become part of the volunteer event team at CDRC Vienna, what to expect and how to apply. 

Invitations will be sent out on a rolling basis. Please email to if you have any questions after reading this carefully.


What you can expect from being a Volunteer at CDRC

  • Being part of one of the world’s leading Mediation and Negotiation Competitions
  • Working and interacting closely with some of the world’s leading ADR practitioners
  • Working in a small team of highly motivated volunteers from all over the world, led by Director Claudia Winkler
  • Learning to plan, organize and execute in a high impact, professional and agile environment
  • Forming friendships with people from all over the world
  • Learning from CDR practitioners from all over the world in workshops and by observing mediation session
  • Some nice evening events where your only responsibility is to mingle and party 😉

What we expect from our volunteers – Read This CAREFULLY!

What makes CDRC special is our tightly knitted family. This is also true for the volunteer event team that gets selected. In order for this family to work well during this stressful and vibrant week here is some information about our family culture for interested applicants to determine if they are a good fit.

  • We are a small team, around 15 people, who run the entire event of 250 people. Every person, in every minute, matters! Being a volunteer at CDRC is a task of high responsibility for people with a proven talent in organizing things and a hands-on attitude.
  • We have early mornings and late nights. We will at times start preparing from 7 am and you can expect to be out partying late at night (of course you don’t have to do that latter part 😉
  • You can NEVER be late. We rely heavily on everyone being on time. You will work in small groups. One person being late lets the whole team down. We understand time is viewed differently in different cultures, but if you want to be part of our family in Vienna, you must, without exception, become Viennese and be ready on the dot. If you cannot guarantee this requirement kindly do not apply. We cannot accept exceptions to this since people who are late cause extra stress and burden on other volunteers and we consider that highly disrespectful.
  • We all do a lot of groundwork. As a volunteer, you are responsible for a variety of things that can range from packing bags to helping with catering, room arrangements, excel tabulations, welcome desk manning and more. Of course, you can also watch sessions and then party and socialize, but these responsibilities have to be understood as priorities before the joyous parts of the event. We cannot welcome anyone to this team, who feels like they are too good or too senior to do any of the groundwork that needs to be done. Everyone is equal in sharing responsibility.
  • Volunteers must be present throughout the whole week plus at least one day before the competition starts (see application form for details)
  • Volunteers cannot be compensated for their travel or accommodation. We will provide daily lunch as well as dinners on some nights. 


CDRC is one of the leading competitions in the world  – this starts with its team and each of you will represent a big part of it. Organizers and volunteers have been coming back for many years and created lifetime friendships, made crucial professional connections, learned and partied. We guarantee you, being part of the team is an exhilarating experience, if you can guarantee to be a good fit with all of the above. 

See you in Vienna!