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CDRC Young Global Ambassador Programme (YGAP)

The Young Global Ambassadors Programme, or as they like to be called, the “YGAP”, is a collective of young students and professionals unified by their experiences at the IBA-VIAC CDRC Vienna and incorporated as a group to propound the values and virtues of consensual dispute resolution in and through the global platform established by the IBA-VIAC mediation and negotiation competition. Combining the strengths of their background, culture, profession, associations, and their individuality, YGAP proves itself to be a unique network of mediation zealots. Having started after the first edition of the competition in 2015, YGAP has contributed several blog publications for future participants to gain insights and preparatory tips; surveyed the competition’s impact on participants; interviewed international experts in consensual dispute resolution sharing their rich expertise, etc. Each year, the YGAP grows bigger, taking a step closer to its goals, multiplying the young passion and enthusiasm for consensual dispute resolution.

Become a YGAP Member

Are you passionate about mediation and negotiation? Do you want to be part of changing how a new generation will resolve conflicts? Are you proactive and communicative? Then the CDRC Global Young Ambassador Programme might be for you!

CDRC Team and YGAP Members

CDRC Vienna invites young professionals to become part of its global network and to help it spread the concept of its mission and its enthusiasm for mediation and negotiation. Young professionals can apply to become the ambassador of their region to help represent CDRC Vienna and create a mutual opportunity to connect with a diverse community of students, professionals, institutions and organisations around the world.

CDRC Vienna’s Young Global Ambassador Programme aims to

  • raise awareness of the purpose and the contours of international commercial mediation and negotiation.
  • encourage the collaboration between law, business, academia and institutions to join forces for a new way to resolving disputes.
  • promote greater understanding and closer relations between CDRC Vienna and experts and institutions around the world.
  • create a community of Ambassadors who unite in the mission to advance the use of mediation in their respective regions.
  • be a forum for young professionals and mediation zealots to exchange expertise, ideas and experience in mediations and related activities.
  • create and nurture links with other organisations around the world with similar or complementary aims and objectives.

What do we do as a team?

The Young Global Ambassador Programme (YGAP), as a team, tries to connect with students and professionals, and develop a global network to help spread the concept of consensual dispute resolution and the IBA-VIAC CDRC mission of enthusing the spirit of mediation and negotiation amongst its participants. Some of the initiatives undertaken by the YGAP members include –

  1. ‘Article Writing’: To every batch of successive participants, YGAP provides preparatory tips and shares their memorable experiences at the Vienna competition.
  2. ‘Talking About Mediation With The Young Global Ambassadors’: A series of interviews conducted by the YGAP members of mediation/negotiation experts who discuss the importance of the competition and some interesting skills and techniques from their years of experience in the field.
  3. ‘Regional Promotion of the IBA-VIAC CDRC Vienna’: Spreading the word about this global forum for students and professionals in their respective regions, a chance to grow their personal networks as an Ambassador of a consensual dispute resolution forum.
  4. Volunteering at the IBA-VIAC CDRC Vienna.


Volunteering at the Vienna Competition

What can you offer as a CDRC Ambassador?

Enthusiasm and passion are the lifelines of CDRC Vienna and its Young Global Ambassador Programme. We are starting something new and big and need equally inspired young professionals to drive and promote CDRC Vienna and help develop its reach and impact. We look for people that are well connected in the ADR community of their region and that would like to help spread our mission to students, professionals, ADR centres and in law and business. We also hope that you will able to join us for our annual event in Vienna.

What can we offer as CDRC Vienna?

As a Young Global Ambassador you will be joining the CDRC Vienna family and enter a network of mediation and negotiation students and experts. Being part of this network will enable you to meet the organizers and supporters of the competition and will allow you to connect with many experts and institutions for CDRC. You will receive a free invite to join our annual event, giving you the opportunity to join a 5-day event of global mediation and negotiation enthusiasts in Vienna, including all training, mediation sessions and side events.

During your time as a CDRC Ambassador we will support you to independently build an understanding between CDRC Vienna and the mediation community in your region. As our Ambassadors, you will be actively mentored and will benefit from hands-on experience, working in your region towards developing relationships with CDRC Vienna. Unfortunately, CDRC cannot not cover any costs involved with being a CDRC Ambassador.

Application Procedure

To apply, please fill in the application form. The Applications are currently closed

The intake of CDRC Young Global Ambassadors takes place on a rolling basis throughout the year. The YGAP has a limited amount of slots; it open to former participants of CDRC only. Ambassador status is generally created for a 1-year period and is reviewed on a regular basis.

For more information, please contact the Global Ambassador and YGAP Chair, D. Gracious Timothy, at

Gracious, is an Advocate and Accredited Mediator based in India, with a primary interest in commercial dispute resolution. See his complete profile here.

Young Global Ambassadors from the Years

Year 2015 

Year 2016